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Bachelor of Fine Arts: Computer Art, Animation, and Visual Effects

School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

May 2020


  • Proficient in using Adobe applications (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Illustrator)
  • Experienced in Nuke Compositing and Mocha Tracking
  • Adept at 3D modeling and animation in Maya
  • Skilled artist both digitally and traditionally
  • Knowledgeable in photography and cinematography



New York, NY

Job Title: VFX Artist & Motion Graphics Designer

Responsibilities include:

  • General compositing (green screen, tracking, color correcting, etc.)
  • Creating motion graphics, most commonly for explainer videos

May, 2020-Present

Atlantic Records

New York, NY

Job Title: Video Intern

Responsibilities include:

  • Animating album art
  • Editing music videos for social media
  • Organizing marketing campaign for recording artist

Sept-Nov, 2018

Warner Bros. Animation

Burbank, CA

Job Title: Production Intern

Responsibilities include:

  • Editing scripts
  • Assembling storyboards
  • Organizing assets in Shotgun
  • Assisting with production

June-Aug, 2018

Women’s Broadcast Television Network

New York, NY

Job Title: Production Assistant

Responsibilities include:

  • Operating cameras and microphones
  • Creating motion graphics
  • Keeping track of analytics and social media

May-June, 2018